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When will you offer this? Totally needed, especially since you "auto" match items. I want to quickly see "Matched (auto)" and correct this auto-matching that happens!


  • RickO
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    As mentioned in my reply to your previous post, you're not talking to Quicken employees here.

    There is a section of the community for product ides > Mac. I don't recall seeing this idea there, but you may want to see if it already exists. If not, then you may want to create a new Idea post for this.

    That said, suggestion: If you get in the habit of marking transactions as reviewed as I suggested in my previous reply, you can limit the list to just those not yet reviewed transactions. Then you can see in the Status column easily which are downloaded and which are downloaded and matched. The (only) downloaded transactions have a blue dot. The matched transactions have a blue pencil. You can also turn on the Match Status column which will explicitly list if a transaction is Downloaded, Matched-Auto, or Matched-Manual.

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