Allow Out of Sequence Entries in Series

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I have monthly series with varying monthly $ amounts. Quicken prevents entering a new value before the previous transaction in the series has cleared. This is annoying and unnecessary. Please fix to allow entering future values at any time.

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    Are you waiting for a downloaded transaction to trigger a (pending) Scheduled Reminder transaction?
    You can (and should) always manually or automatically record Scheduled Reminders ahead of due date, once you know the transaction's actual amount. This makes the download process work much better, having an already existing correct register transaction to match with.

    For example, my credit card statements come in about 3 weeks before due date. The actual payment occurs using Autopay from the credit card company's website on due date.
    As soon as the statements come in, I record the Scheduled Reminder, a transfer from checking to credit card, with the required amount and the specified due date.
    This way, I never have to worry about a future instance of a reminder needing to be worked with while still waiting for an earlier instance to be recorded.