Multiple accounts again not updating on one step update

karen m
karen m Member ✭✭✭

So this issue occurred sometime back at the end of July. Saw many posts here about it. Basically, one step update would go through normally and not show any errors or anything but the date of the update would not change for multiple banks and credit card accounts. They would stay the same date and show no new transactions. After this happening for awhile I was able to get them to mostly work by resetting them all though still had issues with discover and capital one, both seem to be different unrelated issues, with one fixed and the other still an issue. But I digress. I do not want to reset all of these accounts again. It takes a considerable amount of time. Quicken, Please fix these issues. I am currently looking for another program after this second time consuming issue has come up with no confidence that quicken is even aware of the issue. I cannot report it within quicken because everytime I have ever tried doing that, my quicken crashes. That has not ever gotten fixed so don't tell me to report it please. I am using Quicken for windows, home business and rental. Latest release R52.20 which now that I think about it, that's the time when this occurred. Don't really want to go back and undo all my work I've done since 9/3 but maybe I need to go back to the backup before the update? Can someone tell me how to do that safely? Without overwriting all my work?


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