Scheduled transactions do not appear in register


I have seen multiple instances of scheduled transactions that do not appear in the appropriate account's register. If I check the scheduled transactions window, the missing transaction looks as though it has processed normally, i.e. the due date shown has advanced to the NEXT due date, even though the current due date has actually been missed. I have seen this happen with both deposits and expenses. This month, I have found four transactions that were not automatically entered in their respective registers, and may find more when I reconcile my accounts. After Quicken's last massive fail and slow correction (updates that changed all scheduled transactions to reminders), I have to wonder if these bugs have been fully dealt with in Quicken.


  • Ps56k2
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    what version .. - Help —> About Quicken

    As you mentioned, this recent major Reminder bug was resolved

  • UKR
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    Let me see if I understand you correctly.
    You have several monthly reminders whose next instance date has advanced by two (2) months instead of one (1).

    If so, what is the setting for the number days to "Remind (or Automatically enter) [xx] days before Due Date?
    And what is the Due Date, e.g., 1 … 31, Last?

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