unable to download Paypal Mastercard transactions since this week


Quicken for past few days asks to send a one-time code to my phone to complete my Paypal mastercard login. When I select my phone , my phone directs me to open the paypal app and confirm access. I say yes, it accepts it but does not send me a code - there is nothing. I cannot complete the Quicken dialog box and have to select cancel. Before this week, I had no problem downloading Paypal Mastercard transactions. Very frustrating. I use Quicken for PC


  • Bruce Rose
    Bruce Rose Member ✭✭✭

    Identical problem also…

  • shyavitz
    shyavitz Member ✭✭

    About a week or more ago my downloads for my card also stopped working. I deleted the connection and have tried to re-establish it. No matter what I do, I can not re-establish a download connection.

  • thesmiths.zone

    Same - I approve in the app but Quicken then asks for a non-existent code…..

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