Unable to reconcile Fidelity cash mgmt account

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When creating brokerage account I selected "Show cash in a checking account".

Quicken is forcing me to add a duplicate (fake) transaction to reconcile my cash checking account.

My beginning bank statement balance for last month is $0

I did an electronic funds transfer of $200 from another bank.

My ending bank statement balance is $200

All this was entered correctly into Quicken. Quicken cash checking account register shows a balance of $200.

When I run "Reconcile" it it shows my starting balance is $-200 instead of $200. It should show $0 but at the very least it should show $200

The only way to get the account to reconcile correctly is to add a fake transaction in the amount of $200.

I've been using Quicken since the 1990's so I feel comfortable using the reconciliation feature of Quicken.

Why is it making me double my first transaction?

I deleted the $200 transaction and reentered it. I changed the transaction from being a transfer to being a deposit. I changed the beginning balance from $0 to $200. I selected Quicken to auto adjust register for force balance - it adds $200. Nothing is working or making any sense. I never use or touch the original brokerage account I created in Quicken - I only use the cash account it created.

Windows 10 Pro: Ver R52.20: Build:

9/15/23 Update

I deleted the account, Validated Quicken file, created account again and input all data back into the register - it's working now. It only took 4 hours to reconcile one small account. Yes, that's frustration sneeking into what I'm writing.

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