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I have several directly held stocks ("book shares")—publicly traded stocks that are not with a brokerage firm. How do I add an account to Quicken so that it will update the stock price of each ticker?


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    Just create an "offline" brokerage account (not connected to a brokerage firm) to put them in (you can give the account any name you want - "Directly Held Stocks" for example). Then either add the stocks to the account or "purchase" them depending on how you got the shares. Just make sure to have "download quotes" checked in the Security List when you create the securities (or if you have already created them make sure it is checked). Then when you run a one step update or Update Quotes from the Investing tab the prices should download.

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    Perfect. Thanks!

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    When done adding the offline account also update your Investing tab's Portfolio View to include the new account and these securities so you can have a proper view, grouped by Account.

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