Best Buy credit card gets CC-800 error after restoring a backup data file

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This scenario has happened more than once: First of all, I save a backup file every day when I close Quicken. Then, if I want to undo something I've done today, I restore yesterday's backup file. I do this by exiting Quicken, renaming the backup file to the same name as my current data file, then copy it to the Documents -> Quicken folder (overwriting my current data file). I reopen Quicken and can run OSU without errors.

That is, until the next day. The next day, Best Buy credit card gets a CC-800 error. None of my other credit cards, bank accounts or investment accounts have a problem. I can resolve the error by following the steps in this post:

So the error is resolved, but my question is: am I doing something wrong by the way I'm restoring the backup file? Is there a way to restore a backup that avoids this problem?

Quicken R51.12
Windows 10

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