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I am transitioning from Quicken 7.2.2 for Mac to Quicken R52.20 for Windows.

In the Mac version, I could set Lines of Credit (under Credit Cards) and simply drag an exported QFX into the register and things were good.

However, with the Windows version, I cannot drag and drop QFX files, I have to import them.

This wouldn't normally be an issue, but because of that, the imported file doesn't go where it is supposed to. You see, I have a Manulife One account and in the Windows version of Quicken and it only recognizes the Manulife One accounts as Savings or Checking accounts and it won't allow me to link the download to a Credit account.

So, one, is there a work around for this?
And two, why do the two versions of Quicken work so differently?




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    Were these Manulife accounts created as a result of your conversion from Mac to Windows and, in doing so, were created with the wrong Account Type?

    If so, I'm afraid you will have to create new "offline" credit card accounts and select those as the destination for your QFX file download/import. The Account Type of an existing account cannot be changed.

    Also please check your Windows browser settings to make sure it knows to "open Quicken Windows" for QFX files (may also say OFX) or to ask what to do instead of merely saving the file to the Download folder.

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