Why am I being asked for a verification code on 2 of my credit cards everytime I update my accounts?


Everytime I update my accounts, my RC Willey credit card and my Travis Credit Union require me to get a confirmation code by text or email? This doesn't happen with any other account. This is extremely frustrating to have to do this every time. How do I turn this off?


  • ClaudiaTP
    ClaudiaTP Member ✭✭

    I would check with the credit card providers. They might be having problems or have introduced a new requirement for 2-factor authentication that Quicken doesn't know about yet. Something similar happened to me in the past and I had to resolve it with my financial institution.

  • Crawfish2000

    That worked… I was able to go into the "security" section of both billers and check the 2-factor authentication. It fixed this issue. Thanks for the note!

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