Quicken Mac Schwab Brokerage Account Cash and Cash Investments

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Schwab brokerage accounts sweep cash into Charles Schwab Bank and other banks (as "Cash and Cash Investments). Quicken Mac (QM) does not catch these sweeps, so QM reflects it as a cash balance in the brokerage account while showing the online account without that cash balance, so QM shows (1) a reconciliation error in the amount swept and (2) does not show the cash being swept to the bank or other cash investments.

How do we fix this?




    I recently had a US Treasury Bond mature inside my Schwab brokerage account. The brokerage account containing the Treasury Bond recently transferred in from T.D. Ameritrade which contained several Bond positions in varying stages of maturity. When the Bond matured, the cash proceeds were appropriately added to cash but the bond position still shows in quicken for MAC "portfolio view" resulting in the account being overstated by the matured value of the Treasury Bond. I see no option in Q for MAC for how to delete that overstated position in the portfolio view of Quicken for MAC. Help !!

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