Why, When manually entering a transaction in the register, does it take me to the investing tab?



I do not have my accounts connected to quicken. When I manually enter a transaction, the desktop version flashes a couple of times and then takes me to the investing tab.

I then have to click back into my account ledger, where I can see that the transaction is completed. but, why is this the case? Is there a setting I need to change so this doesn't happen?

This is a real hassle because it greatly slows down the entering process. If I have ten transactions to enter into the register, I'll be sitting there for a while, clicking back after each time I hit enter.



  • UKR
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    Have you been working in one of your investment account registers?
    There might be a prompt to "Enter Date" on one of the transactions … it's a newly introduced bug, but you need to get rid of the "Enter Date" prompt to be able to continue working normally elsewhere.

    Once you have the Enter Date prompt on screen, you might be able to press Esc (Escape) to get rid of it.

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