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Minimum balance alert

aslot123 Member ✭✭

A number of checking accounts require minimum account balances in order to avoid a service fee charged to the account.

It would be very helpful to have a warning in Quicken to help avoid bank fees.

The alert/warning could be simple (pop-up message, color-code, flag, etc.), triggered when the projected balance in an account dips below a configured minimum in the future. This would allow for proper steps to be taken (i.e. money transferred to the account) to avoid the fee ahead of that date.

For example, if I have a checking account where the minimum daily running balance required to avoid a monthly fee is $1,500, I would like Quicken to alert me when my projected balance dips below that amount. I can then set up a transfer from a savings account to ensure the checking account is properly funded to avoid actually dipping below the minimum balance and incurring a fee.

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