Page scrolling after transaction download (Q Mac)

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After a successful download, I find I am no longer on the bottom of the transaction page (I have mine sorted by date). The system scrolls 'up' and I have to scroll back down to the bottom. Mildly annoing.


  • RickO
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    Sometimes the program loses track of where you left the register scroll. Try this:

    1. Scroll to the end of the register
    2. Double click the transaction at the end
    3. Make any small change (e.g. add a character to the memo)
    4. Hit enter to save the change
    5. Immediately quit Quicken (menu Quicken > Quit Quicken)
    6. Re-open Quicken

    This is sometimes (but not always) force it to remember the register scroll position.

    If that doesn't help, rather than manually scrolling, you can use the home/end keys to jump to the top or bottom of the register. If your keyboard doesn't have home/end keys, then fan-left/right-arrow does the same thing.

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