Quicken losing transactions and memorized payees (and probably other data)

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For many months I've been perplexed why payees occasionally disappear from the memorized payees list. I'm talking about payees I use at least 3-4 times per week like Walmart. The delete after 3 months setting is de-checked, not that it is relevant in this case.

Last night, after reconciling the checking statement with Quicken, I realized the database is missing numerous mortgage transactions; the first quarter and most recent one are gone. After comparing the current database to a backup taken in April, I clearly identified numerous transactions (beyond mortgage payments) are missing in my current dataset. Validation and super validation report no errors. It explains why every time I reconcile with my checking statement, the beginning balance never matches the ending balance from the previous month…and Quicken has to enter an adjustment transaction to fill the void. I am so screwed…I have transactions going back to 2/2021 and it will take months to rebuild that dataset. The data file is 100 MB (tiny for a database).

Today, I called Quicken support to report the problem. Lucky me, I got an agent who had a 30% command of the English language and kept saying "I don't know". I'm very technical and oversee a full-stack development team, so I know a little bit about databases and data storage. This support person spoke non-technical gibberish and was clueless on everything.

I need help here. My preference is to maintain a complete history of my Quicken transactions, not laboriously create a new database for a limited time period and have to open a second database to do historical reporting. Besides, it throws annual budgeting out the window.

Is there a way to see the raw data to see if the transaction records are present? Is there any other option to fix this than recreating my dataset and banking integrations?


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    Support said the 100MB data file is too big and is the reason for the missing transactions <corruption>. So, is the rep telling me the Quicken database is antiquated to circa dBase??? Speechless…

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    Well since my file reports in Windows as 205 MB and Quicken reports the internal QDF portion is 124 MB (Help Shift-click About Quicken) and I have no corruption history, , I'd say you were told wrong. But yes, the Quicken database is antiquated - circa mid 1990s or earlier. May raw data goes back to 1991 with a few spurious prior dated transactions.

    Is there a way to see the raw data to see if the transaction records are present? 


    My approach — keep things as simple as possible. No attachments, no mobile, no cloud synch. There are a whole bunch of bells and whistles I completely avoid. Backup often (every time) though I very rarely access a backup.

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