My Networth Reports/Investment Value Reports did not take reverse stock split correctly

DiamondAl Member
edited October 2023 in Investing (Windows)

I need some help. A stock I owned did a reverse split 1 for 8.

On the Holdings Report within the account, the correct values are displayed (i.e. it matches what I actually have. Where I used to have 8, I have now have 1. And the market price is the real market price. All good).

Where the problem comes in, when I run "Investing Portfolio Value" from the reports menu it shows the correct number of shares and the correct price, but the total value is calculated at 8 times of what I have. Meaning 1*8 = 64. This also shows up in the networth report.

I have checked the transactions and cannot find a hidden value anywhere. I can isolate the time period (running time ranges). This is the case in two accounts (pre-tax and post tax) where I had the holdings. How do I fix this. I want the correct value


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