Option to show full screen calendar upon opening Quicken

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I have used Quicken for ~25 years. My two most used views by far are the calendar and the register from my bank account. I cannot bring up the calendar easiy, nor toggle between the full screen calendar and the full screen register. These would be very welcome improvements

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  • DougRS
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    I have been requesting for similar for years!!

    I do use a Calendar icon in top menu/task bar but it ALWAYS opens as a small window and I must EVERY TIME resize window. And I use a minimized Calendar from icon at bottom left screen.

    Additionally, simply use last calendar window size and position as default for anytime Calendar opens….the standard windows api.

  • UKR
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    As a workaround, would adding a Calendar View to a Home tab Classic View page (or creating a new Classic View page, "My Calendar", containing only the Calendar View) help you in this situation? It opens bigger than the Tools / Calendar view page default size.
    Once created, you could optionally add this Home tab view as the Startup view, to be shown first when Quicken starts. (Edit / Preferences / Startup / Startup Location)

    You can add an icon to the Quicken Toolbar as a one-click switch to a specific bank account register. Customize the Toolbar and select to "Use a specific account" then select the desired account register from a popup list.
    Once added to the Toolbar you can one-click switch to the account register and click the Home tab to bring up the My Calendar View.

  • pcarst
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    Why was the Calendar removed and now hidden under tools? My most used screen!!!

  • UKR
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    If you haven't done so already, you can easily add a Calendar icon to the Quicken Toolbar row of icons. This gives you one-click access to Calendar view.
    Go to View / Customize Toolbar to add, rearrange or delete toolbar icons.
    Ensure that View / Show Toolbar has a checkmark.