How to fix one step update when accounts refuse to link to the correct Quicken account


I came across this by accident and the solution was not obvious and the problem is very frustrating.

So I had to restore a backup of my Quicken file and one step wasn't working. For most accounts this just meant adding the bank again, logging in, etc, and it would show me a list of the accounts for that login and ask me to link them to existing Quicken accounts.

But on my brokerage accounts this didn't work. Quicken would link each account so wildly incorrect credit card accounts instead of my existing Quicken file brokerage accounts. Worse, when I selected the Link account drop down, it would only show a small number of really old brokerage accounts that had long since been closed. Not any of my existing accounts from my brokerage login.

The fix is to first switch it to Add a new account. Then, without continuing, switch it back to Link to an existing account. My Quicken brokerage accounts would then appear in the list this second time. I was able to get everything linked again and downloads were working once more.

Quicken dev team should look at the process that gathers the initial list for linking Quicken accounts and online banking/investment accounts (this same thing happened on a couple of credit card accounts, but multiple retries seemed to fix it). Look at what happens when Add new account is selected from the drop down, and then what happens when Link account is selected a second time. Someone missed something.

I tried several other things, such as completely disabling one step update on all my brokerage accounts and then setting up again, and doing validate and super validate. None of these worked. But going back and forth between Add and Link did work. Hope this helps someone. Very frustrating bug.


  • nevermind332

    QUser2023 - thank you so much for posting this! I was going crazy and you saved my evening with your fix!

  • rreily
    rreily Unconfirmed ✭✭

    Thanks I had the same problem and your "FIX" worked for me too😀

  • Kzooom
    Kzooom Member

    Had this same problem, along with another (bank changed some software at their end.)

    The thing I'll add is that I also got offered 5 OLD accounts, 4 long unused (I'll need to clean those up) and one already linked elsewhere, not from my bank.

    Regardless of type CHECKING, SAVINGS, or MORTGAGE, it offered the same five accounts.

    Unfortunately, your fix isn't working for me. 'Link to existing account' continues to show only those five accounts, regardless of the switch to Add and then back to Link.

    Guess I'll have to call. Damn.

  • Kzooom
    Kzooom Member

    UPDATE: This DID work, but needed one more push. My bank's a credit union, all the accounts have a member number and extension, so all the accounts with my member number showed up in 'Activate One Step Update' window, when I was coming in from my checking account in Quicken.

    I set ALL the accounts in the Activate window to ADD, then back to 'LINK to existing'. Nothing changed on any of the accounts EXCEPT the checking account I started with, which added that account to the 'Link' dropdown.

    That appears to have worked. I guess I'll need to start from each of the other accounts to get this corrected for the other three. But it's something.


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