Downloaded transactions renaming things to all lowercase

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I chimed in on a Windows thread about this, but also thought I would report it here.

Some downloaded transactions are suddenly being imported with all lowercase names and renaming existing things to these new names.

It started yesterday and I was on 7.2.3 and this morning I updated to 7.3.1 and it happened again. It doesn't seem to be institution specific. I had it happen with Chase, American Express, and Alliant Credit Union.

Yesterday I had Amazon (Chase) and Netflix (American Express) transactions that ended up in the register as "amazon" and "netflix", and it also renamed the payee in my payee list, so years worth of Amazon and Netflix transactions were renamed.

Then today I got a downloaded transaction from my CU (Alliant Credit Union) that just came down as "check". The original payee was "CHECK #000209".

Nothing looks different about these transactions than how they were before. My CU has always sent checks in that format. Chase's Amazon transactions look unchanged from before this started until now ("*uniquecode"), as do American Express' Netflix ones ("NETFLIX.COM XXX-XXX-7172 CA")

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