How do I get transactions from previous months to upload into banking?


Hi! I just recently connected all my bank and credit cards to my Quicken account and most of my accounts only uploaded 3 months worth of transactions. I would like to do the entire year. Is there a way to get Quicken to allow me to upload transactions for all of 2023? And if so, will this duplicate transactions I already have in my Quicken account?


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    Your FI or bank controls how far back you can download. Most only go back 90 days. The rest you will have to enter manually. You might get a greater range of transactions if you go to your financial institution's website and download a different range of dates in a Web Connect .QFX file. If you manually enter older transactions, be sure to adjust the opening balance to account for them as you enter them.

    See this FAQ

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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