Wrong Funds Being Downloaded From Fidelity

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Hi. I did a rollover from my Fidelity 401K to a Fidelty rollover IRA. 3 of the funds in the rollover IRA are downloading under the wrong funds/ticker symbols. I went to the Fidelity website for the rollover IRA and did a .csv download of transactions and everything looked good in the .csv file. I manually moved the 3 initial buys to the correct funds, but every time I do a One Step Update, it says that the holdings in Quicken do not match what is in Fidelity. Has anyone seen this before and knows how to fix it? Thanks.


  • Tony Fong
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    Called Quicken Support and found out that I clicked through too fast when Quicken was asking me if the securities I had purchased were the same securities as other that I had previously invested in. I had accidentally said yes to these three which is why it looked like Fidelity was sending the wrong security on One Step Update or something was not working with Quicken. This issue can be closed.

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