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Ability to Remove "Paid" Stamp From Invoices

Daryl Hurst
Daryl Hurst Unconfirmed, Member ✭✭


I am using the Home, Business & Rental level of Quicken. I am using the business functionality for the purposes of managing the finances of a small non-profit for which I am the treasurer. I am creating Donation Receipts using a customized invoice form and adjusting the fields to show what I want them to. I can can get it really close to what I want, with the only issue being the "Paid" stamp that prints on the invoice.

The purpose for which I am using this would make it ideal to be able to turn off that "Paid" stamp. Could this be programmed as an option to turn this "Paid" stamp off at will?

Thank you for considering it!


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  • mshiggins
    mshiggins SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I don't understand why using a paid invoice as a receipt shouldn't show that the invoice was paid.  Without showing "paid", the invoice will look like ... an invoice ... like money that is owed.  I get "receipts" that are based on an invoice fairly often, and I'm glad those receipts show as "paid".

    I have no idea whether Quicken will consider this request, but you don't have to wait for them to act:  you can print paid invoices without the "Paid" stamp now.

    Create a New Quicken Invoice account (you could call it "No Paid Stamp Invoices").  On the "Display Options" tab In the Edit Account Details dialog for the new invoice account,  check the box to "Keep this account separate ....".

    Whenever you want to print a paid invoice without the paid stamp:
    - right-click the desired paid invoice, 
    - select "Copy transaction(s)", 
    - open the New Quicken "no paid stamp" invoice account, 
    - right-click in the register, 
    - select "Paste transaction(s)"
    - open and print the just pasted invoice (it will not have the "paid" stamp)
    - delete the just printed invoice, if desired


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  • Daryl Hurst
    Daryl Hurst Unconfirmed, Member ✭✭

    @mshiggins Thank you for the input! I appreciate it. The options I am thinking I will probably end up with is to print the invoice to PDF, use my PDF editor and remove the paid stamp, then print from there… I appreciate you taking the time to guide me through the details you provided!