Fidelity Netbenefits Discrepancies


My 401k and my wife's 403b account are both with Fidelity Netbenefits. My 401k always downloads transactions as Bought, while the 403b downloads them as BoughtX. I have to manually change the 401k transactions every time. They're both coming from the same institiution and were set up similarly.

Also, the 401k transactions have recently started appearing as Unidentified Security. To resolve that, I have to manually download. Also strange is that I have the option to "unmatch" the automatically downloaded "uncategorized" transactions which simply causes them to disappear.

I've tried deleting and recreating the 401k account to no avail. I even tried using the "Simple" view but that ended up showing a cash value equal to the investments value so the total appeared to be doubled.

I ended up reverting to the backup copy from before messing with things and am back to the same state.



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