RE: ONGOING 9/16/23 Fidelity Rewards Credit Card - FDP-102/CC-502

JHBaz Member ✭✭

Is there a suggested workaround for this issue. It's been over a month without solution or workaround. Please advise.


  • JHBaz
    JHBaz Member ✭✭

    Please advise

  • N8WRL
    N8WRL Member ✭✭

    What is going on here??? Like others, I continually get the CC-502 errors on this account and now Quicken has hosed the balances. I've tried manually importing transactions from Fidelity rewards, so now Quicken has disconnected online services (which I guess is good) and I had to enter an $18k correction transaction to make my register match my online balance. So much for budgeting!

    This needs to be fixed - can someone please update us?

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