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One step update locking up - Quicken for Windows

I have searched and seen several posts that look like the same problem I am having, but they haven't yet appeared to be "zeroed in" on yet as the same problem (which they were in my case). These are the symptoms:

  1. Around Sep 12 or so, several accounts (bank and credit cards) across multiple banks stopped adding new transactions, but the one-step update didn't say that they failed…they just stopped bringing in anything new
  2. One step update locking up (eventually, screen turns gray, ran overnight, never finished)
  3. When trying to correct by deactivating online setup and trying to reset with Add Account, sometimes the list of accounts are mapping to a "Nickname in Quicken" that isn't even related to that bank. For example, adding Chase accounts (I have four), and two of those accounts default mapped to non-Chase accounts (one Citi, one Bank of America)
  4. When trying to add accounts (particularly Chase), the add account process seems to keep looping.

Online chat couldn't help and it was escalated to Monday, but I kept at it. Here is what I did to make it all work, not counting the failed attempts, which took a long time.

  1. I deactivated every online account in my set up. That's like 50 accounts across 15 "banks" :(
  2. I ran a super-validate
  3. I added them back one at a time, did a backup, did a one-step update, and if it was successful, I did a backup, added the next set of accounts, and repeated
  4. When I was trying to add Chase, I again had the odd nickname problem, so I noted those accounts and continued the process. Chase actually "looped" the authentication on the browser process 5 times, but eventually it finished. Then, for the "bad nickname" accounts (e.g. a Citi account that showed up on a chase "add account" screen), I went into the account settings for the non-Chase accounts and changed the bank name back to whatever it was supposed to be.
  5. Also found that the nickname problem was cured if you "linked to existing" to a different account, and then moved it to the correct account (the nickname became correct and the rest of the process was successful)
  6. Along the way, a previously-fine Etrade savings account got highjacked by the Chase or Citi process (the bad nickname process). So, for that one account, I did the reset process inside the account's "edit account details" section, which put it back to the way it was.

TLDR: Do steps 1-3 and keep repeating 3 until you get all your accounts back going. If you hit the Chase loop due to multiple accounts, just keep validating via web until it finishes. Check the nicknames, correct them along the way, and repair mismatches as you find them (by running a one-step update after backing up after each time you add a new account).

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