CC Downloads Creates New Accounts [Edited]


Every single time a credit card company changes how they decide to download, it totally messes up my accounts. Always ends up creating a new one instead of continuing with the one that I have been downloading to. Totally destroys the continuity of my data. Instead of pulling up an account and see my information going back a decade or more, I now have several different accounts for the same credit card. And every time I Update, I keep getting messages that are telling me I have not done this or that when in fact downloads have been happening (albeit on the latest iteration of the account). [Removed - Rant]

Also, this morning, as does often happen, when I to log into my Quicken, a dialog box pops up asking for the password I had to use to get into this. I always have to "open" my last backup to get my stuff up. Why? [Removed - Rant]

Anytime in the past when I have dealt with customer support, they end up messing me up even worse. [Edited - Language] I would love to download a clean new version of Quicken and start anew, but I don't know how to do that with the current version already on my computer.

[Removed - Rant]

Does anyone else experience these issues? If yes, did you manage to resolve them? If yes, how?

Thank you.

[Edited for Readability]

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