E*Trade/Morgan Stanley 2FA access

I have been using Quicken for a very long time and the transaction update has always worked. I added two-factor authentication to my E*Trade accounts and since then I have had a horrible experience with the update. I finally got to where every time I could relink the accounts and then during update it would ask for the password which I would reenter. It would then ask for the code (not sure why it doesn't ask for it during the first update) and it would work. A pain but a workaround. Since the update I got this week I cannot get it to work. It will ask for the code when I "fix" the account issue and it sees the accounts but then the update just does not work and doesn't ask for the code. There was another thread on the issue that wasn't helpful and was closed. Once I tried removing the 2FA from he account and then Quicken would suddenly require me to enter it and would fail. Is there a fix for this issue?

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