Is there a keyboard shortcut for matching transactions, or a manual way to match? (Q Mac)

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When I need to match transactions in Quicken for Mac, sometimes when there is more than one screenful separating the two transactions that need matching, the drag and drop method proves challenging and I often run out of real estate on my trackpad. Is there a way to select the two transactions with command + click/tap and then a menu option to match them, or even better a keyboard shortcut?



  • John_in_NC
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    No, there isn't.

    I haven't seen this pointed out before, but I can see how if you command+select two transactions it would be convenient in some cases to have a menu command/keyboard shortcut to match them.

    I will enter a feature request.

  • RickO
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    Pending that, just edit the date of one of them to get it near the other in the list. If there are so many transactions on the same date that they still are not close, you can drag one of them to change the order (move it closer to the other one) within the set of transactions on the same date.

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  • UKR
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    What's the register's sort order in effect?
    Would it help if you sorted the register differently, e.g., by Date or by Payee?

  • BrianB6
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    Good suggestions. Thanks all!

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