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When I download from Discover I get no new transactions from Discover Card even though I know there are some. I have 2 accounts with Discover, Bank & Card, both use the same login. The Bank updated correctly today but it found no new transactions for Card. This has been happening for over a month for the Card. I get no error codes, just no new transactions. Version R52.28 Build


  • CalvinHobbes33

    Same here. Disgusted with support

  • fab5friend
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    I think I have figured this out. Both my bank and card accounts were linked to download from Discover Bank. Quicken allowed this. Don't know how long this had been like that. The card account needs to be downloaded from Discover Card, not Discover Bank. It was a pain in the *** to get the card download changed because quicken kept wanting to use the bank link but I did finally get it to work.

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    Thank you for this guidance. I to had noticed the Discover Bank entry, but did not figure out to clear it. I also did these steps and it finally worked. [Removed - Rant/Speculation]

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    Same happened to me, although I had mine setup properly (credit card set to use Discover Card and the Savings Account set to use Discover BANK). Deactivate/Reactivate solved it, but I'm sure it'll happen again. I think it started around 9/26/23 for me. Very frustrated as well that this seems to happen repeatedly now.

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    I was able to just click on one-step update and download some of my Discover Card transactions, but it only downloaded the current ones. How can I now get the older transactions?

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    Thanks @Richard Seiler (and fab5friend). In my role as elderly-parent tech support 😉, I recently set up one Discover Card and one Discover Bank account in Quicken for my mother. The savings account worked flawlessly, and the credit card account, while not generating any error messages, was giving me the same problem described in this thread. Problem solved. 👍️

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    Thanks @Richard Seiler I wasn't getting the card downloads but the Discover Bank accts were getting updates. For several years, the card and bank accoubts all used a single Discover web site in Quicken and the same login credentials. I needed to provide Quicken with a separate card site and credentials. Now One Step Update treats the Discover Card as one connection and the bank accounts as a different conncection.

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    should have found this thread first, was my issue as well that I was able to correct… just posted this as well in another thread..

    I just ran into this myself, card and bank. now bank I have no transactions, just interest at the end of the month, so not sure if that's working.

    Card, I had many transactions that did not download. balance looked correct. now, this account is not new, and has been set up for years and working.

    what I did this morning after a backup , tried edit account details, online, reset. that went through but didn't find the transactions. next I deactivated the online for the discover card. then went to add account, tools / add account, from there I selected discover card, un/pw, then linked the found account to my quicken discover account. all went well, and all transactions downloaded. I have no idea if this will continue working, or how my discover card switched or connected at discover bank.

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    didn't work for me. last transactions downloaded were in April.

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