Compare to average spending in Comparison Reports

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Add option to compare current month spending vs last 3, 6, or 12 month average.

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  • 100% I came to the ideas forum, just to suggest this.

    In my use case, I want to compare my last 30 days of spending to my average spend from the last 365 days. The comparison report is so close to giving me what I need, if it added one more column

    When comparing a month to a year, the difference and percentages are not much use. What I really want to see is a calculated ratio of what my spending would look like over that slice of time. If I'm looking at 30 days, I want to see what my average spend was over 30 days. If I'm looking at a quarter, I want to see the same over 90 days.

    Ideally for me (screenshot attached), Quicken would:

    1. Calculate the number of days in the smaller time span of the report. In my case, the number of days between 10/16 and 11/14.
    2. Calculate the number of days in the larger time span (January 1 to November 14)
    3. Add a new calculated field to my report which takes the value from each year-to-date category, divides it by the value from #2, and multiples it by the value in #1. This would give me an idea of my average spend in each category for the same time period.