Reoccurring Payments in Quicken Bill Pay Deleted, Still Generate Checks


Quicken for Windows, current version, continually updated, last updated today 10/02/23. U.S. Bank connected vis PFM Direct Connect.

I have had two reoccurring payments set up in Quicken bill pay. In May, on or about the 16th, I deleted these two payments. The checks continue to be generated monthly. I've made calls to Quicken support in August without a resolution. I've done file revalidations several times., but the checks keep on coming, forcing me to cancel them with my bank and resulting in NSF penalties imposed by the payees. The reoccurring payment records aren't visible in Quicken, and there are no records visible on the bank website.

I have a backup dated 5/2/23 that shows the reoccurring payments, they are gone in the backup dated 5/16/23. In your opinion, would I be successful restoring the file as of 5/2/23, and then running a one step update to bring the file up to date, hoping that the payment records persist and are then accessible and maintainable?


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    Did you, by any chance, set up these payments on the bank's bill pay website? I would check to see if they are still there and need to be deleted at the bank website

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