Quicken glitch when creating Crypto Security and making entries (edit)

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Quicken user from 1996 Having to enter my crypto securities manually I find that after entering a security name and moving back to register and entering security name (that i just added) shares , price per share, commission, all necessary boxes (reminder I have been doing this for years) checking my work —-enter —-done. Now i proceed to "hold1ngs Button' click and my newly entered security balance is corrupt . price per share is in the thousands and totals at bottom is over writing looking like gibberish . i belive that this happened in one of the recent upgrades. I think you have to check for when you added "Crypto drop down tab" I have been entering crypto as securities manually untill i noticed crypto tab a few months ago. This has happened a bunch of times in last few months . i can date my first negitive experience and it was around 8/9/2023

PS you have to do better for crypto before some comes out a crypto friendly sofsoftware. I want you guys to continue to succeed . Better get ahead of the curve

Thanks for your help in advance

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