Discrepancy on Spin-off entry cost basis?

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I have entered a spin-off transaction and the cost basis from my Excel spreadsheet using the same values is mis-matched on the post-spin cost basis of the parent and spin-co.

I entered in the stocksplit investment register transaction type the FMV on date of spin for both parent and spin-co. I entered the ratio.

The final shares appears correct but the cost basis per share is off from my Excel calculation using the exact same values! How is this possible?

In the end, I did an 'add shares' and 'return of capital' using my Excel data but I can't figure out how this discrepancy occurs. I.e. the cost basis Quicken calculated for the spin-co was $59/share. My excel is $57/share. It calculated the post-spin parent cost basis as $151/share when I got $144/share. Obviously this is a substantial amount if multiplied by the number of shares in the transaction. Any ideas? The cost basis prior to the spinoff is the same in my data and Quicken. My excel cell uses the exact same figures I entered in the Quicken. In other words, the original values are exactly the same but the output differs!

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