Handling Older ESPP Transactions

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I have some older ESPP transactions that weren't recorded via the ESPP Wizard (Discussion forum won't let me post the link) either because I entirely missed it or this functionality appeared before I needed to use ESPP's again.

This new approach appears to create a new stock with a suffix of -ESPP to avoid mixing pricing for the actual stock and ESPP-discounted stock. I would like to update my older transactions to use this new -ESPP stock but I'm concerned there might be side-effects.

Does anyone aware of any side-effects caused by updating my older ESPP transactions to use this new tracking stock?



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    FYI, the process of having the ESPP buys and sells using a tracking security with -ESPP appended to the security name has been in place for at least 20 years.

    As with any changes you will be doing in Quicken that involve changing already entered data, start with making a back up so you can restore if something unexpected happens.

    Then starting with the earliest transaction, use the ESPP wizard to enter the transaction. Buys should be entered before sells. Then delete the regular transaction for the same date. Check the account balance to be sure the change has not caused an issue. Work your way forward through successively later transactions, checking the account balance after each transaction replacement.

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