Ability to set size limits in space used for storage of backup files

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First I'd like to say that it's great to see Quicken running so well for so long. most issues seem to have been fixed with fewer problems still existing.

An area that I'd like to see an improvement in is the ability to control the amount od storage space that we use to store out backup files. Microsoft in its efforts to help secure files from Ransomware attacks has created the One drive back-up. In theory. it is a great concept, but how to use it correctly can be a challenge in balancing it's use to make it effective. Case in point is the fact that for a long time Quicken users were terrified into having to be sure there were plenty of back-up available in case something in quicken became corrupted and you needed to be sure there were adequate backup to restore from.

I was not understanding why my One Drive was so full, then realized that it was because of the number of Quicken backups I was keeping was really quite unnecessary, especially now with Quicken running much better.

What I'd like to see happen with Quicken backups is the ability to control either the number of backups or the size of the backup folder. The ideal would be to have the backup folder start deleting the old backups as new ones are added, so as to help manage the size of the backup folder, so that users that aren't as meticulous about their PC with regards to keeping it cleaned up and organized won't have to be concerned about overflow of space in their one drive.

I understand that this can all be done manually, but if it were automated, then that would be one less problem that would present itself by having too many Qdata backups that are probably not needed. If I could depend on always having either 10 backups, or say 10%, much like what Microsoft does with their system restore points, then I think that could be a happy medium. You couls then be assured that you had the latest 10 if you preferred 1 a week or a percentage of your One drive back up. One drive can be unforgiving if not used in perspective to what's meant to manage or do, but could exist quite well with Quicken when it could be more easily automatically managed, by not allowing Qdata files to hog up all the space it provides. I thing this could be an asset allowing One drive and Qdata backup to co-exist I think this option couls help many!


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    the auto backups have a counter in Preferences - of course the manual backups do not

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    What I was hoping to accomplish was the ability store 10 backups, then after that when the 11th one is requested, be able to store it by having the oldest one deleted (#1) on the list) thereby always just having the latest 10 backups stored. Does it do that now?

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    @TTSguy Sounds like you are backing up to the same backup drive over and over which is not a good idea. Take this scenario your Quicken file needs to be restored and when you try and restore from the backup drive you find out that it has failed. Result you are toast.

    Backups should be done on a rotating basis. My Quicken file is backup up to my primary NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive on my home network. Every morning at 12:01a that primary drive is backed up to a secondary NAS drive. Finally once a month that secondary NAS drive is backed up to a plugin drive and removed from the system when the backup is complete.

    This can be accomplished with 3 thumb drives as well. You are going to want to keep more than 10 backups. Since I use Quicken every day I have +\- 365 backup files. Twice a year I remove the previous 6 months of backups.

    How often do you validate your data file?

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    Sounds to me as if @TTSguy is requesting a new setting for Manual Backups in Edit / Preferences / Backup, something like this (see the red box):

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