There are no uncleared items to reconcile - possible solution

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Quicken Premier Windows
Version: R52.28

I ran into the same problem with trying to reconcile my bank paper statement in Quicken Premier Windows subscription edition.

I ran a verify on my quicken file which didn't help(found no errors). Didn't get rid of the "there are no uncleared items to reconcile".

What worked for me was to put in an incorrect statement ending balance(e.g. enter $15,000 where it should be $15,353.10) in reconcile screen where you enter the statement ending date. Press OK and it took me past the error that says "There are no uncleared items to reconcile".

On the reconcile screen click on balances and enter the correct statement ending balance(i.e. $15,353.10).

This allowed me successfully reconcile my bank checking account. Hope it works for you.


  • RussellNewm
    RussellNewm Member

    I tried this solution. It still didn't work. Still getting the "There are no uncleared items to reconcile" error. I have tried everything I can find in the support articles here, but nothing works.

  • RussellNewm
    RussellNewm Member

    How do I delete a comment left here? I found my mistake. The transactions were actually somehow deleted. Had to rekey them. Sorry about that.

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