Why do placeholder transactions keep re-appearing in this 529 account?

TomHughes Member ✭✭

I track a 529 education-saving account (specifically, DC College Savings for Washington DC), with two funds, a target-date fund and an index fund. Each time I download updates to this file in Quicken (which only contains the 529 and one other unrelated financial institution), I get correct updates for the other institution but for the 529 a pair of placeholder transactions re-appears at the inception date of the account. I read here in the Community that these placeholder transactions are to make the Quicken share balance match the institution's data, but the effect is to double the number of shares for each of the two funds. If I delete the entries, the share amounts are correct, but next time I update the account, the placeholder transactions reappear. Any ideas why this is happening and how to prevent it?

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