Century Federal Credit Union

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hello ever since Century Federal Credit Union updated their online banking at the beginning of October every time I do my schedule updates daily I have to go through the two-step authentication process having a code emailed to me and then entering it to continue. I have to do this every single day.


  • UKR
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    If the bank did their software updates correctly, you should not have to go thru the 2FA process with every One Step Update … unless it appears to the bank that you're connecting from different ISPs every time.
    Are you using a VPN to connect? Or connecting from different locations, e.g., home, work, coffee shop, etc.?

    You may want to ask the bank's Support Center if there is something that you need to do, e.g. an authorization process from the bank's website, to properly identify yourself to their servers.

  • Osu87
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    no vpn, same location, home

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