Quicken missing Chase Bank transactions for second time this year


Quicken's automated reconciliation is pretty slick in terms of verifying that my Quicken account for Chase is in sync with my online Chase balance. However, for a second time this year, the accounts are out of sync; transactions were not downloaded from Chase. I am missing transactions after August 30, 2023, and before September 29, 2023. Remediation isn't difficult, but I just have to remember how I did it. The point is that I shouldn't have to remember how to remediate this. Looking through the conversations, I see that the interface with Chase was plagued with issues in 2022, but I have now had problems with the Chase interface twice this year. (I have to wonder if the problems might be associated with syncing Quicken while out of the country.)


  • MoreThanOneDave

    It would seem that the import is even easier than the instructions that a Quicken support agent provided me earlier this year. I had both Chase and Quicken open. I selected the download transactions icon on the Chase website, selected "Quicken Web Connect (QFX)", and then specified a date range. The update to Quicken occurred automatically. Pretty slick except that I did have one duplicated transaction, an outbound wire transaction. (In the more manual import method that I used previously, duplicate transactions were not imported.) However, they were parsed differently, which is curious. I will report that to Quicken.

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