Split transaction data removed by Quicken

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I use Quicken Classic Business & Personal R52.28 on Windows 10 Pro.

I contacted a support team member — in Guatemala — to report a problem I uncovered recently but the conversation wasn't helpful. I know how to recover from data loss by restoring a Quicken backup and re-entering missing data.

I have two sanitized data files that show split transaction data intact on October 12 and collapsed to a single number on October 16. In the screen captures below, I show just one example of the problem. Other users previously reported similar data loss in this community.

I'm writing to ask if someone on the development team would be willing to take my two sanitized data files and investigate why Quicken deleted the split data. It's the first time I've experienced Quicken data loss at this level. Super validate did not identify a problem in my data.

I can submit the data using "Report a problem…" but it's not possible to share two sanitized data files. If a member of the development team is willing to work with me on this problem, I am happy to cooperate to help improve Quicken's quality for the good of the community.


Last Thursday — Split Transactions

Today — Missing Split Data


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    I just stumbled on to the exact same problem. I use the same version of Quicken…As with you it also affects many prior entries. This is a major issue for me. Hope they figure it out quickly…

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