Wealthscape investor - getting it to work

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Hi - I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get wealthscape investor to connect to quicken. I think I finally figured out how to make it work, but it's very roundabout. Note that the website I go to for wealthscape investor is the mystreetscape.com URL. Not sure if this matters, but just in case.

Also, this is for adding a new account. No promises it will help and make sure to backup your files first:

  1. Add an Account. Select wealthscape investor
  2. For User ID, use wealthscape account #. For PIN, use password. For Account Number, use your account number in ALL UPPERCASE not including dashes. You may be done if this worked. If this doesn't work, repeat the steps with all lower case not including dashes. This is what worked for me, but it does create an empty account
  3. With the account created, it'll show 0.00 for the valuation. Edit the account and update the account # to ALL UPPERCASE without dashes. Quicken will complain about your downloads breaking. Since it didn't work anyway, ignore and click OK.. If you download now, it'll still fail, but I got an interesting error at this point: the account you are downloading doesn't exist in quicken.
  4. Restart Quicken and try to downloading again. It worked for me!

After doing this for the first account, interestingly enough, the other accounts seem to now just work whereas they didn't before. That is, I just use the UPPER CASE without dashes account and it's all good.

I have no idea what the issue is or if it'll help others who are having trouble. But in case it does, I hope this helps.


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