Security price update attributed to wrong day

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I have Quicken Premier- Version R52.28 Build running on Windows 11

I have been seeing this problem for the past month or so.

When I am on my Investing page and click 'Update,' prices for some of my funds/ ETFs are updated on the current date and for some the price is entered as for the prior day. As an example:

Today is Monday 10/16. After updating, multiple accounts show no price change for today, but when I look at the price history, the current closing price is listed under 10/15 (a Sunday). Other accounts have updated correctly. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to which. I have all funds and ETFs held at different brokerages- some Fidelity accounts update correctly and some do not, some Vanguard funds update correctly and some do not. Today for TDAmeritrade and Merrill accounts- all funds/ ETFs updated incorrectly. It does not happen every time I update, but about half.

Here is a screen shot showing todays update. The price for VO is today's correct closing price, but Quicken has entered it in the Price history for the prior day so the program does not recognize a price change has occurred. My account totals appear to be correct, but I have no idea what is happening day to day for individual funds/ ETFs

As of a couple months ago, everything was working as expected. I have not changed any brokerages or accounts. I have validated my file and repaired price history with no improvement.

Any suggestions?


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