Fidelity Netbenefits 401K and HSA


I'm a returning Quicken user and trying to see if I can setup my Fidelity Netbenefits HSA account in Quicken and get it to download transactions.

The last time I used Quicken was 2009. I've converted my old Quicken file into the current Quicken Deluxe program. After some trial and error, I managed to get my old 401K Netbenefits account to download the 401K transactions.

Now I'm wondering how to get the HSA transactions downloaded, if it's even possible. I access my HSA account through the same web portal using the same username/password as I do my 401K. Once I've logged into the portal, I can select my 401K or my HSA. So, I'm not sure how I could have Quicken distinguish between 401K transactions and HSA. Currently when I update my 401K account it is only downloading the 401k transactions.

Anyone have a similar Netbenefits combined 401K/HSA setup and can download both sets of transactions to the correct Quicken accounts?

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