Anyone else having problems with Barclay cards?

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Quicken for Windows (Windows 11) Version #R52.33, Build

I have a store-brand mastercard that is now owned/managed by Barclay, and for the last month or so I've been having problems downloading transactions from that account. I can connect the online account to Quicken and download transactions—once. After I do, every other time I run a OSU I get the error that "It appears that one or more account(s) at Barclaycard have been deleted", that this can happen if I restored from a backup (I did not), with a button to "fix" it by adding the account again.

When I try running the fix tool, I get to the point where it asks if I want to add the account again; when I do, it comes up with a screen with a pulldown menu titled "Select your account type or branch" but the pulldown menu is completely empty, there's nothing to select. So I select "Back" which takes me to the Add Account wizard, I search for barclaycard, enter my credentials, Quicken finds my account but the action area where you normally select Add or Link is greyed out and just says "Do not add to quicken." I can't select it to link to the account in quicken so I just say done and the tool says it's fixed, but the next time I run a OSU it does not download for that account, and repeats the same error. Then I deactivate online services in the account in Quicken, use the "Add Account" tool to search for an account at Barclaycard. Quicken finds the account online and lets me link it to my account in Quicken which allows it to download transactions exactly once, then the whole thing repeats. Is anyone else seeing this? A validation/super-validation found no errors in my file.

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