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I'm running quicken business and personal. I wish quicken would add running balance to the transaction report. The other way through leaves no way to add or change the fields. Can this idea past along to quicken


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    If by "transaction report" you are referring to the report from the Reports Menu (or Reports & Graphs Center) / Banking / Transaction you are correct. None of these reports can have a Running Balance.

    However, if you want to print a Transaction Detail Report for a single banking account register which contains a Running Balance, please try this:
    Open the desired register.
    Click File / Print [account register name shows here] or simply press CTRL-P
    Make your Date Range selection in the popup Print Register and choose whether to print Split Details or not. Click Print.
    See if that report meets your needs.

    The Running Balance in a register is a calculated value. Depending on how the register is sorted or filtered, the Running Balance is a top-to-bottom sum of all transactions in the view and may be entirely meaningless or misleading. The Running Balance does NOT match the bank statement's balance for this transaction.
    And that's why reports generated from the Reports Menu cannot contain a meaningful Running Balance.
    Some reports, when subtotaled by Month may contain a start-of-month and/or an end-of-month balance which may or may not equal the bank statement's ending balance, depending on sort and filter selections for the report.

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