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I have 2 questions regarding tags.

  1. Why does Quicken automatically re-order tag entries randomly. If I enter a tag as 2023:Property:Tenant, when I come back into the transaction later it will be Tenant:Property:2023.

Normally I wouldn't care - however Quickens Reporting on Tags also is an issue.

  1. When I try to use the tag contains field, only tags that are in this exact order show up. I have found no other way where I can use a Tag Report to pull in only Tags that Contain, 2022:Corn:Neola South. If Quicken reorder this tag to 2022:Neola South:Corn (which it does consistently) that data will be omitted from the report.

Any feedback on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. I have hundreds of tagged transactions also in "splits" that make it impossible to edit all the tags - also it seems useless as Quicken auto manipulates them to random orders. The ideal fix would be in a more robust reporting feature, but I can't seem to make that work.




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    Here's kind of a half-baked workaround. Use the new multiple field capability of Find & Replace. It's not as good as a report, but at least it will find the transactions of interest if you want to drill down into them.

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    Thanks - that will help to find mis-ordered tags. I was not aware of this feature - it also breaks out the tags for the split transactions which I can now edit… as long as the quicken auto-arrange doesn't keep wining. I can fix each tag quickly and then the reports should work.

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