Direct Connect taken away and Why all those "updates"

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My right to privacy has been usurped by Quicken. I want to know why it is that a "Direct Connect" to my Financial Services is less secure than what Quicken is offering "forceable", taking away my right of choice and to chose to connect directly to my Financial Institutions without using a third party which has no business handling my financial transaction. Since I was forced to abandon my older version of Quicken and forced to acquire the newer version I have had nothing but disappointment and issues with the new subscription and the high handed tactic of Quicken with all the "Updates", that seemingly are only making matters worse. There is an old saying "If it ain't broke don't try and fix it" and that is what Quicken should do, all you do is screw it up. For years now I have relied upon Quicken as my financial program, but now I am being forced to look elsewhere for a reliable alternative because Quicken has failed me with there constant interference.

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