All Quicken 2017 functions are SLOW - Resolved!

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Yes, slow is a relative term. I tried all the techniques outlined and knew they wouldn't work ahead of time. Mostly Quicken staff telling us we have slow computers. I have a speed demon of a computer and it ran super super slow. Entering a transaction ( simplest thing I can think of ) would take at least 7 seconds to process if not longer. I found the solution, at least for me. Seeing as Quicken doesn't have a repair feature, I decided to uninstall quicken and reinstall it. Bam, Quicken is fast once again. New transactions enter instantly. Wish I knew what got "fixed" with a reinstall, I guess I'll never know. Maybe there weren't progressive patches and it patched to the latest right after install? In any case, posting this to the community as I know there are a lot of topics around this and no real solutions.


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    I have this same issue. I have years and years of data in my file, but I try to only keep about 10 years within a single file (I archive older than that).

    I, too, have new fast laptop that is capable of running multiple graphic intense programs with no issues. But my Quicken program takes 20 seconds to open and at least 10 seconds to process a new transaction and nearly 20 seconds to pay a manual bill from the bills screen.

    Did you simply open your existing Quicken file in the reinstalled program on your computer? Or did you do something else?

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    I uninstalled quicken and then reinstalled it. The rather large ~100MB and old data file dating back to 1998 started running lightning fast.

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