What is it with Quicken and the download options

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I have never had as much trouble with Quicken as I have over the last couple of Weeks. I have eight "(8)", that is right eight ("8") accounts I am unable to get this "NEW IMPOVED QUICKEN" to simply update my transactions. CC-503, and CC-800 are the common error messages. I have tried everything possible that I am aware of. Going to "Edit", "Preferences", "Quicken ID & Cloud" selecting log out and typing in yes then trying to log in again. I have also gone to the "account" and selecting "edit account details" then selecting "online services" then selecting "reset account" and still I get the "Error" Message again, and again, and again, and again. This issue has been with me for over two weeks now and I as you may imagine are very very upset since I have never had this issue until "THE NEW IMPROVED QUICKEN" was introduced. Never Never in all the years I have been a die hard supporter of Quicken, but I am at my "WITS END". [Removed - Violation of Community Guidelines]

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