How can tell which accounts are linked to a financial institution and which are not?

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After migrating from Mac to Windows using a Quicken transfer file(QXF). I noticed a few institutions(banks, credit card companies, etc) missing from the "One Step Update Setting" window. I discovered that I had to re-authorize the connection to each one to get it back on the list.

Is there an easy way to have Quicken display a visual indicator in the "Accounts" sidebar that indicates which ones are linked and which ones are not?

If not, is there another way to identify which accounts either are not linked or which need to be re-authorized? Other than manually checking each one, I mean.

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    In the Account List (Tools > Account List).

    The column Transaction Download gives the status of each account.

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    I'd rather have it prominently displayed on the Accounts sidebar, perhaps a small lightning bolt or other Icon next to the account name, but the Accounts List works. Thx!

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